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Band Camp 2015  

June 15, 2015


Greetings Royal Cadet!!!

I hope that you are excited about the upcoming marching band season.  For returning CADETS, Thanks for putting the band back on the pedestal of excellence by being ranked as one of the top ten 1-A Bands in the state.  I hope that you will take the success of this past season and vigorously strive to win the Lower state and STATE Championship this year! 


For newcomers and first-timers, the Royal Cadets have a tradition of being the BEST!!!!

So, if you plan to come to camp just to see your friends.... do us a favor and stay home...if you are not serious about band I can promise you that this will not be a good experience for you.  But if you don't mind working hard and being a part of a WINNING tradition, then please come and bring a friend with the same attitude.  Being a part of the North Middle High School Royal Cadet Marching Band will change your life FOREVER!!!!   If you don’t believe me, check out our facebook page…join the Royal Cadets page.


With those thoughts in minds, here's what we'll be doing:



Begins:            July 20, 2015

Ends:              August 5, 2015 (earlier or later, depending on progress)


7:15AM          7:29AM          Arrival and Preparations

(outside)          7:30AM          10:59AM                    Marching and Maneuvers

(inside)            11:00AM        11:44AM                    LUNCH     (Bring your own lunch)


Students leaving campus for lunch must have written permission from parents.  School District nor school personnel will NOT  be held responsible for students leaving the campus during band camp hours.   (This includes students with and withoutwritten permission)


(inside)            11:45AM        12:45AM                    Instrumental Rehearsal (full band)

                        12:46AM          12:59PM                   Break

                          1:00PM          2:30PM                     Instrumental Rehearsal (sectionals)                                      2:31PM             3:00PM                     Recap/next day goal/dismissal (full band)


What to Wear: HAT, shorts, socks, watch and old tennis shoes (new tennis shoes may limit movements and will surely get terrible grass stains from early morning dew while marching.)



Tee-shirt                      $5.00                           (to wear under uniform for performances)

Band Fee                    $25.00                         (Snacks, Reeds, Valve oil, incidentals, etc.)



All fees should be paid to Band Booster by August 30th.


Important Parent Information!!!Please Read

Band Booster Membership Fee - 5.00   

All parents are needed and expected to support the band functions by attending competitions, football games and participating in all fundraising activities.  We need Bottled Water for camp!        


Band Booster meetings are held in the band room every 2nd Mon. night at 6:00 pm.

The first meeting will be announced after school begins. At this meeting, all parents will receive a Band Booster Handbook and Band Booster Constitution and By-laws.  Your son/daughter will be issued a Royal Cadet Handbook that includes all the rules and regulations of the band.  Please keep asking them about it and make sure you review and sign it with them.  Please attend meetings so you will know what you need to do to help your son/daughter be a successful band member. Why should I care about your child if you don’t show that you do?

YOUR child needs YOU! Support Your Child so HE/ SHE KNOWS YOU CARE!!!


THE BAND WILL maintain our standard of excellence.


  1. Proper Attitude ( RESPECT,  Desire, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline).
  2. Superior ratings at all competitions and performances.
  3. Attend rehearsal and practice at home DAILY.  ALWAYS BE THERE!


Please know, a regular after-school band rehearsal begins promptly at 3:45 and ends approximately 2 and 1/2 hrs. later. 

During competition season (September-October) we practice "until we get it right"!

Monday                       Music and Film

Wednesday                  Music and some marching

Thursday                    Marathon...Practice til’ we get it right.......


Thursday Night is Marathon Practice!!!  STUDY HALL is from 3:45 – 5:30 p.m.  Then we Practice til you get it right.......A MEAL is served after practice.  Please prepare to support the band booster by agreeing to feed students one Thursday night.


THE SHOW:              



UNIFORMS:  Turn in your band uniforms.  If you still have any part of a band uniform, please turn it in immediately.  I must complete an inventory to issue NEW UNIFOMS!!!!

INSTRUMENTS:     If you have a band instrument that belongs to the school, please turn it in as soon as possible.  I must do an inventory of all school instruments.

Call me if you have questions: Cell:            803-606-3007

Continue to have a safe and happy summer. I look forward to seeing you bright and early on

July 20 @ 7:15 am.               


  STAY COOL !!!!


DEEDRA O. WRIGHT - BAND DIRECTOR                            

North Middle High School Royal Cadet Marching Band